Water and the Trinity

rainbow 2
    Isn’t it amazing the ways God reveals himself to us?

   I don’t mean the knock-your-socks-off kind of ways. I’m talking about the everyday, ordinary, quiet, almost            behind-the-scenes kind of ways.

Have you ever thought about water as one of those ways? Or how amazing water is and the similarities between God and      water? God has created every living thing with an absolute need for water to survive and thrive just as he has created our  need for Him.

Understanding God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit, as three yet one is a challenge. The Bible tells us our God is three yet one but our mind struggles to resolve the tension of the concept.  Perhaps God has given us an example that might help us understand at least the possibility of such a concept.

Water is a very common substance set apart by its unique properties. It is the only substance that can exist in three different forms – solid, liquid, and gas. In each form the composition is the same – two hydrogen atoms attached to one oxygen atom, yet each form has a totally different appearance, different function, different presentation.                                                                                                    160_F_69264817_8Kg7Z0PRdYSmXxMW8kgNxyyDzZmbq0Op-1

 While we cannot directly correlate the qualities of each form of water with the qualities of each person of the trinity, we do have a glimpse of the possibility of the concept itself. Perhaps God wants to reveal a bit more of himself through the uniqueness of water in this rather simple way even as we struggle to comprehend the complexity of the triune God.

How do you find God revealing himself to you?