Taste & See

Come, Taste and See That The Lord Is Good

Psalm 34:8
Vegetables and Fruits ArrangementOur tongues are almost magical body parts. Not only are we able to form words and communicate with each other but we are also able to enjoy the taste and flavors of food.

While our olfactory senses contribute to our ability to taste, our tongue plays a huge role, too.
There are special areas on our tongue each responsible for sensing specific tastes or flavors – one for saltiness, one for bitterness, one for sweetness, etc. When we taste a new food or flavor it is important to use our entire tongue to allow the fullest and most accurate interpretation of the flavor. If we sample with only the tip of our tongue we may miss the part of the flavor that only the back of our tongue recognizes.

When David (Ps 34:8) says “Taste and see that the Lord is good”,  he is inviting us to explore our Lord fully. To take Him in completely and get the full flavor of His love and message for us.

How do you sample what God is offering you through Jesus Christ?

Come, taste and see that the Lord is good!