Woven Community

Do you ever think about how God weaves all our lives together, even if we’ve never met or never will?

We all have times when we feel separate,  alone, and wonder if we are the only one in the world  who feels as we do.  Are we the only one who thinks as we do?  Are we the only one who cares about the things we care about?  On and on we go.

Antique loom machine. Bulgarian traditional culture.

Antique loom machine.

A friend of mine was a weaver.  She had a huge loom in her home on which  she wove many beautiful fabrics.   As I watched her weave, I was impressed by how thin each thread was and yet how strong and beautiful  the  finished fabric was when it was  woven together.

I think God places us in various ‘communities’ to weave us together and strengthen us.  We each add our own color and texture to his tapestry and woven together we are much stronger than we could be on our own. As we join others we become more than we can be alone.  And they become more, too.

Do you look for God’s weaving in your life?  How might he be strengthening and encouraging you through the people around you?   How might you be a blessing to others, strengthening and encouraging them?

As my friend wove on the loom,  her chosen pattern was unseen to any observer until it was woven together.  Then all the individual threads came together with wonderful beauty and strength.   We are a thread in God’s tapestry.  As we allow him to weave his pattern into our lives we can look and see his presence and grace with us and know we are never really alone.